I am facing an error to install the packages on aws ec2 instance with Ubuntu 18 using the following command -

pip install -e .

The error is -

ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

What did I check?

  1. RAM using free -h command.
  2. Disk utilization using sudo ncdu -x command.
  3. Since pip tries to download to the default location given by TMPDIR variable, I also removed files from that location.
  4. I removed contents from .cache directory.
  5. I removed contents from /tmp directory.

Still I am facing this issue.

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The answer provided at https://github.com/pypa/pip/issues/5816#issuecomment-425410189, states that

pip downloads files to temporary directory, environment variable TMPDIR specifies that directory, also pip puts files into cache thus --cache-dir specification, --no-cache-dir should work too. --build specifies directory where wheel will be built, so its specification is also useful.

For my user, I made a custom directory named codebase/pip_cache/ in my home directory.

First I tried --no-cache-dir using the following command -

TMPDIR=/home/deepakahire/codebase/pip_cache/ pip install -e . --no-cache-dir. This didn't work.

Finally, I specified the --cache-dir as well, and used the following command to install the package -

TMPDIR=/home/deepakahire/codebase/pip_cache/ pip install --cache-dir=/home/deepakahire/codebase/pip_cache/ -e . This worked for me.

Caveat- Blindly deleting everything from /tmp directory would delete your tmux sessions, but will still keep the services/instances alive on the same ports, which were switched on in any tmux session previously.

  • Thanks, I think this is more in alignment with newer versions of PIP, as it complained --build wasn't recognized. But I also had to create a swap partition for on my EC2 because it kept running out of memory just from downloading the file.
    – Philip
    May 30, 2023 at 23:45
  • After installing like this, my venv doesnt recognize the installed packages, any idea what could go wrong?
    – Ofek Glick
    Feb 14 at 14:23

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