I am trying to plot some rarefaction curves, but I am getting this error:

Error in as(x, "matrix")[i, j, drop = FALSE] :  (subscript) logical subscript too long

I am giving a reproducible example on how I use the function:

rare<-rarecurve(otu_table(GlobalPatterns), step=100, lwd=2, ylab="OTU", label=F)

I am using R.4.2.2 and version 2.6-4 of vegan. I already used this function with the phyloseq object like this and it worked properly, Do you know what is the problem and how I could fix it?

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It seems to be that phyloseq package does not support this analysis. A way to circumvent these problems is to take care that phyloseq::otu_table returns a normal R matrix. Further, the data you used is transposed to the vegan standard (your data have OTU as rows, whereas they should be columns in vegan standards: observations are rows).

tab <- otu_table(GlobalPatterns)
class(tab) <- "matrix" # as.matrix() will do nothing
## you get a warning here, but this is what we need to have
tab <- t(tab) # transpose observations to rows
rare <- rarecurve(tab, step=10000, lwd=2, ylab="OTU",  label=F)

Technically the error is that otu_table does not allow long logical index. This is an internal issue of the phyloseq implementation, and I won't delve into innards of phyloseq to find the reason. However, standard R matrix works, but R does not know that otu_table only fakes being a matrix. Therefore the violent way of forcing otu_table to a matrix.

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    Thanks a lot for the explanation, I recently updated phyloseq and since then I am getting this error...I will use the solution you gave me!
    – i.b
    Commented Nov 22, 2022 at 14:54

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