I am really new to microcontrollers and IOT in general.

I am trying to use a Raspberry Pi Pico W for the first time and I am using Micropython, I am currently having problem installing libraries with upip, when I ran a command it runs well I believe, but it installs in the wrong folder (I believe...) and says something like:

>>> import upip
>>> upip.debug = True
>>> upip.install('micropython-pystone')
Installing to: .frozen/

As far as I understood when I install I want to appear Installing to: /lib/ instead of .frozen/

How do I tell Micropython where to install a package? because after if I try to run the code it tells me that it can import the modules I just installed, so I imagine it is because they get installed in the wrong folder... I hope I was clear.

I tried removing the /lib/ folder from the Raspberry Pi Pico W and install the upip and the lib folder with it, but it didn't really work and seems like I am the only one that has this issue.

  • A rpi w zero is not a microcontroller, technically :) but that's mostly semantics for you as beginner. But I think you're confusing what micropython is and what modules in micropython are. Upip is just a library, micropython is your language runtime environment. Maybe making the difference now clear mentally makes it easier to understand what's going on under the hood. Nov 23, 2022 at 8:40

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I faced the same problem, solved it by running:

upip.install('micropython-pystone', '/lib')

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