I have an array:


How can I get the name of the next key? For example if the current array is gsda, I need bsdf.


If the pointer of current() is on the right key, @Thomas_Cantonnet is right and you want to use next(). If you did not iterate through the array via next(), you first have to go through the array to set the internal index pointer correctly:

$search = "bsdf";
while (($next = next($array)) !== NULL) {
    if ($next == $search) {

Now $next points to your current search-index and you can iterate over the rest via next().

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    Please use brackets around all code blocks. :-) – FtDRbwLXw6 Sep 17 '11 at 13:09
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If pointer is not on this element, as other solutions assume, You can use

    $keys = array_keys($arr);
    print $keys[array_search("gsda",$keys)+1];
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    It will cause an issue for the last element. Should be $keys = array_keys($arr); $index = array_search("gsda",$keys); if ( count($arr) <= $index+1 ) { print 'end of array'; } else { print $keys[$index+1]; } to correctly handle array boundaries. – Grapestain Jan 29 at 21:25
$next = next($array); 
echo key($array);

Should return the key corresponding to $next;

$key = key($array);

use a combo of next and each to get both the key and value of the next item:

$keyvalueArray = each ( $array )

$keyvalueArray should now hold the next key and value as 'key' and 'value'



you can use a foreach

1=> array("a","a","a"),
2=> array("b","b","b"),
'a'=> array("c","c","c")

foreach (array_keys($test) as $value)
    foreach ($test[$value] as $subValue)
        echo $subValue."  -  ".$value;
        echo "\n";
    echo "\n";


a  -  1
a  -  1
a  -  1

b  -  2
b  -  2
b  -  2

c  -  a
c  -  a
c  -  a
function get_next_key_array($array,$key){
$keys = array_keys($array);
$position = array_search($key, $keys);
if (isset($keys[$position + 1])) {
    $nextKey = $keys[$position + 1];
return $nextKey;

// in above function first argument is array in which key needs to be searched and 2nd argument is $key which is used to get next key so it means you must one existing key of associative array from you which you want to get next keys.

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