I am using nbconvert for converting my .ipynb into an .pdf file. When doing so the resulting .pdf file contains a header with the filename and the current date below. How can I disable that?

I was looking in the docs but cannot find how to do it.

CLI command

jupyter nbconvert --to pdf filename.ipynb


enter image description here


enter image description here

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I found some helpful pointer in the docs. Just follow these steps:

  1. Run jupyter --paths in your command-line.
  2. Copy the path who looks like /Users/username/.venv/venvName/share/jupyter (I run nbconvert from a venv. Could be different for you).
  3. Go to the path and duplicate the folder latex
  4. Name the folder hide_header or whatever you want
  5. Open base.tex.j2 and delete the line ((* block maketitle *))\maketitle((* endblock maketitle *))
  6. Save
  7. run jupyter nbconvert --to pdf filename.ipynb --template=hide_header

@Max Hager provided a direct solution. Here is an indirect one:

  1. Export .ipynb file to LaTeX.

  2. Locate command \title in the .tex file by your favorite search tool.

  3. Add \date{} after the \title command (you can also change the title, change date by \date{1 January 1}, and add author by \author{me me me}, etc).

  4. Compile the .tex file.

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