I'm building a Tauri app and would like to set up OAuth integration with Google. To do so, I will need a URI for the oauth callback, but Tauri is unclear how to configure the schema possibly using this method or with the WindowUrl?

How can I add a URI to my Tauri app so I could like to it like the following example: myapp://callback

I think it could look something like the following:

fn main() {
        .register_uri_scheme_protocol("myapp", move |app, request| {
            # protocol logic here
        .expect("error while running tauri application");

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Tauri currently doesn't directly support deep linking. A good alternative that I found was this rust project. After installation you can do something like the following:

async fn start_oauth_server(window: Window) -> Result<u16, String> {
println!("Starting server");

start(None, move |url| {
    // Because of the unprotected localhost port, you must verify the URL here.
    // Preferebly send back only the token, or nothing at all if you can handle everything else in Rust.

    // convert the string to a url
    let url = url::Url::parse(&url).unwrap();

    // get the code query parameter
    let code = url
        .find(|(k, _)| k == "code")

    // get the state query parameter
    let state = url
        .find(|(k, _)| k == "state")

    // create map of query parameters
    let mut query_params = HashMap::new();

    query_params.insert("code".to_string(), code.to_string());
    query_params.insert("state".to_string(), state.to_string());
    query_params.insert(String::from("redirect_uri"), url.to_string());

    if window.emit("redirect_uri", query_params).is_ok() {
        println!("Sent redirect_uri event");
    } else {
        println!("Failed to send redirect_uri event");
.map_err(|err| err.to_string())

Update March 2023 Thanks Zoltán Balogh for the flag

Checkout https://github.com/FabianLars/tauri-plugin-deep-link

Fabian put this up for the short term, but longterm keep an eye out on PR #323


Please take a look at this plugin for Tauri


This gives you deep linking on Windows as well as on Mac Os

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