I have been playing around with VS Code hoping to switch over from the pricier Jet Brains option. However "you get what you pay for" may hold true here.

I have a rails project that uses haml templates and I have some inline javascript in these haml files. Like so:

- content_for :head do
    $(document).ready(function () {
      if (typeof table_manager === 'undefined') {
        table_manager = new DatatableManager();
      var sales = new AsyncDatatable('sales', '#sales', 100, {}, false, true, 1);

In the JetBrains IDE it was no problem ctrl/command hovering over these javascript definitions inside the haml file and I could use code navigation to go straight to the definition of things like "AsyncDatatable", "handle_form_submit()", etc. However I cannot get this to work in VS Code. I struggled for a while to get code navigation working for ruby as well (my installation came with a blank settings.json file for some reason) So I don't know whether I just don't have the right extensions, settings, or whether this just is asking too much from a free IDE.

Has anyone succeeded in doing this either with haml or erb? Any tips would be greatly appreciated even if the answer is that this isn't currently possible.

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Personally i have been using VScode for a while and what i do is copy the phrase i want to find e.g. "AsyncDatatable" and then using search (shift+command+F for mac) that shows that phrase even if it appears multiple times inside your code.

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