I would like to train a classifier both considering NLP features extracted via CountVectorize, and linguistics features manually engineered on the original data-set. For instance

#suppose df_train_multi is our original dataframe object

# split the dataset into training and validation datasets 
from sklearn import model_selection
train_x, valid_x, train_y, valid_y = model_selection.train_test_split(df_train_multi['Text'], df_train_multi['label'])

# create a count vectorizer object 
count_vect = CountVectorizer(analyzer='word', token_pattern=r'\w{1,}')

# transform the training and validation data using count vectorizer object
xtrain_count =  count_vect.transform(train_x)
xvalid_count =  count_vect.transform(valid_x)

Suppose i would like to use as feature for the classification the number of character for each text.

df_train_multi['char_count'] = df_train_multi['Text'].apply(len)

Then i would like to train my classifier considering both the features present in the scipy sparse matrix and the feature 'char_count'

svm_bin = LinearSVC()  # linear svm with default parameters
svm_bin_clf = svm_bin.fit(xtrain_count,y_train)

But how can i combine xtrain_count features with the df_train_multi['char_count'] one?


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