I'm building a prototype for a bin packing app.

The front-end runs on the browser. Where it takes a picture and sends it to the back-end to extract the "board outline" from the image and then responds to front-end with a svg of it.

To finally add some shapes and pack in the bin.

I'm working with rust both back-end and front-end through wasm.

The back-end is polyglot, I use rust-ffi to encrust some java and pyhton code. I'm reciclyng the bin packing algorithm from a java code. And the image conversion is being done by the owners of the project with python.

The point is that the whole front-end runs in the browser and these guys at some point in their process need the user to click on the image and for that they display a dialog with the native windows of the operating system.

Initially this prototype will not be deployed in a network, but everything will be deployed on the same host as the client, so ultimately it will not be a catastrophic problem.

The question is that it totally impairs the usability of the project so I want to know if it is possible to somehow integrate the popup window of the python process in a browser dialog?

Note: The python program was made with opencv



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