As above I can't register dll file by regsvr32.exe I've tried it two ways by syswow64 folder and system32, both are not working(I moved files to the specific folder while using them). I've got all the priviliges on the server but i'm running out of ideas.

Also I don't know where to look for an error message/code, can't find it in Event Viewer.

error message of both actions

The whole process of registration is in bat file, but all of them are not registrating so I've tried to do this manually (about 15 dll's).

  • Did you follow the suggestion in the error message? What architecture is pdlog_api.dll built for? Do you have that architecture? What version of Windows does it target? Are you running that version? Did you write a test program that loads the DLL to see what error code comes back? Maybe turn on loader snaps to get more details. Nov 30, 2022 at 13:46


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