I am switching over from Overleaf to VSCode for offline LaTeX.

Is there an extensions that lets you click on the pdf preview and highlights the line you clicked on in the .tex file? (just like the Overleaf feature)

  • The texnical basis for this is called synctex. I don't know about vscode, but dedicated editors like texstudio handle this very well. Dec 2, 2022 at 9:06

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LaTex Workshop can do this.
SyncTex is explained here.

Note: you need Latex (e.g. MikTex) installed separatelly. It does not come with the extension.


The Function is called inverse search (a.k.a. reverse search) you do not need an extension it is a PDF viewer function. For that matter you dont even need a TeX system as you could handball or program a suitable PDF(sync)TeX file without LaTeX but have only done that as a PoC, that its possible.

Here I double clicked ABC in a system without any hint of LaTeX (but it could be say a portable copy if so desired) and the reverse search shows current line for that local TeX file I can direct as I wish to any editor with or without the line number. enter image description here here is a simple test set in a zip for extract into a work folder

So how does that work?

PDF viewers that are PDF(sync)TeX aware can be primed in a PDF file by double click (easy) or some other key combination (often two handed shift key plus mouse). If the viewer spots there is an attendant pdfsync or synctex file alongside the compiled PDF they will launch a related call-back to the pre-configured text editor. That configuration only needs to be done ONCE not (as commonly done) every time :-( For example, in latex-workshop.view.pdf.external.synctex.args these two lines should NOT be needed if configured correctly


So, for example, If I have output.pdf and output.synctex and input.txt A double click in SumatraPDF will look at the synctex block entry for that area in the PDF which might be page 42 line 42 and will launch MS notepad to open the attendant text file (NOTE it can be any suitably compiled source file not just .tex) with those requests.

Clearly MS Notepad would open the text file then grumble there is no such reference as it has no concept of pages or line numbers!! blithely would most likely try to open file 42. (I have in the past proven you can open Notepad and scroll to numbered line via VBS shim but that's not efficient, just proves that you only need any basic editor to work latex both ways.)

However, if it was VSCode with LaTeX extension it could understand line numbers per page.

So standalone viewers that are synctex aware include Acrobat (Portable for Linux/Windows=R9), Linux/Windows Evince, Win? Foxit, GNOME/Document viewer, Mac LivePDF, Linux/Windows Okular, Mac Skim, Win/Wine SumatraPDF, Win? Tracker/X-change, plus unknown others.

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