i have a wpf project like this: enter image description here

in a xaml file in my RCISP.WPF project i want to refrence a class define in my RCISP.Common

Project. When I refrence to this class i got a xaml Eror like this: enter image description here

Assembly 'mayclass' was not found.Verify that you are not missing as assembly reference.Also,verify that your project and all referenced assemblies have been built;

i have referenc to RCISP.Common in my RCISP.WPF...


The assembly part of the tag be the assembly name of the project you are referencing and unless you have specifically changed that to FamilyDto it will be the same as the name of your project eg RCSIP.Common



If your assembly is called FamilyDto then make sure you build your project as the editor needs the project to be compiled before it can correctly determine the reference is valid


The name of your assembly probably is RCISP.Common so the xmlns should be: xmlns:CommonLayer="clr-namespace:RCISP.Common.Dto.Family;Assembly=RCISP.Common

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