I created an application in PyQt using QListView that has a bunch of icons when doubled clicked opens respective application.

I'd like to combine similar category apps into one group to reduce clutter. User can click on the group to expand and select the icon/app they need. Click outside to collapse the group. The group needs to be in the same level as other icons/apps

I tried using Stacked Widget but that's not an elegant solution. What widgets/techniques can I use to achieve this? Thanks in advance!

Edit: To clarify, I'm using Icon based GUI instead of list based Icon based app

I'd like to combine multiple icons into single group that expands to show icons. Similar to grouping apps together on a phone.

  • This seems to be something that need a completely custom widget, if you need a "hover" container that shows the contents of each elements. Dec 5, 2022 at 23:09


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