When we create a dialog, how do we get the selection criteria for the record (Select button) and how do we disable the select button on the Dialog ?


I will assume you use the RunBase framework.

For the dialog part of your question see Axapta Dialog Validation.

To show the query dialog, you must provide two methods:

public boolean showQueryValues()
    return true;


public QueryRun queryRun()
    return queryRun;

The queryRun method must return a valid non-null value.

The queryRun instance variable is usually assigned a value in the unpack and initParmDefault methods.

Take a look on the CustInterestCancel class for a concise example.

How to disable the select button: return false from showQueryValues.

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  • i had read this somewhere , but forgotten .. Thanks for reminding me :) – Tejashree S Sep 19 '11 at 16:32

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