Search from google, but still have no idea how to select sensitivity label automatically by VBA

Add sensitivity label

How to control it by VBA?

select label


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This solution worked for me.

First, I manually saved a document using the desired sensitivity label and then I used the code below to extract important parts of the sensitivity label, the site Id and the label Id.

Sub getlabel()

Dim myLabelInfo As Office.LabelInfo
Dim labelpart1 As String
Dim labelpart2 As String

Set wb = ThisWorkbook

Set myLabelInfo = wb.SensitivityLabel.getlabel()

labelpart1 = myLabelInfo.LabelId
labelpart2 = myLabelInfo.SiteId


Range("A1").Value = labelpart1
Range("A2").Value = labelpart2

End Sub

Then the code below sets the labels for subsequent documents.

Sub setlabel()

Dim docSenseLabel As SensitivityLabel
Dim labelInfo As Office.labelInfo
Dim wb As Workbook

Set wb = Workbooks.Add 
Set docSenseLabel = wb.SensitivityLabel

Set labelInfo = docSenseLabel.CreateLabelInfo()
With labelInfo
    .AssignmentMethod = MsoAssignmentMethod.PRIVILEGED
    .LabelId = "the labelId you got"
    .LabelName = "Important or whatever label you saved earlier"
    .SiteId = "the site Id you got"
End With

docSenseLabel.setlabel labelInfo, labelInfo

wb.SaveAs Filename:="C:\Users\filename", FileFormat:=51

End Sub
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    I'm finding such examples for Excel all over. Anyone got a pointer for doing the same with an Outlook Email? I can't find the level of the application that holds this label.
    – EFH
    Jun 16, 2023 at 13:53
  • @EFH MailItem objects contain the SensitivityLabel property. I'm not sure why you'd need to apply this to any other object.
    – baka_toroi
    Jul 6, 2023 at 18:34
  • 1
    There are two such labels. Both called sensitivity labels. I want the one set by Azure.
    – EFH
    Jul 7, 2023 at 19:07

This code works for me:

Add the following piece to beginning of your code

'collect label information from the macro file
Dim LBInfo as office.labelinfo
set LBInfo = thisworkbook.sensitivitylabel.getlabel()

... Add this part before the code you save the new files

'set the same label to new files
NewFile.sensitivitylabel.setlabel LBInfo, LBInfo
Newfile.saveas "filename" ...

I was struggling to find the library that would accept use of "As SensitivityLabel", but found you don't need it:

Private Sub setSensitivitylabel()

    Dim docsenselabel = mxlWorkBook.SensitivityLabel
    Dim labelInfo = docsenselabel.CreateLabelInfo()

    With labelInfo      ' These values were obtained using getlabel(), commented out below
        .AssignmentMethod = 1   ' MsoAssignmentMethod.PRIVILEGED, The label was manually selected.
        .LabelId = ...
        .LabelName = "Internal"
        .SiteId = ...
    End With

    docsenselabel.setlabel(labelInfo, labelInfo)

End Sub

'' Ad-hoc method that can be used in a debugger to get the required Sensitivity label parameters
'' Leave this in but commented out
'Sub getlabel()
'    Dim xlApp As Excel.Application = New Excel.Application
'    Dim xlWb As Workbook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("...\InternalSensitivity.xlsx") ' Workbook that has been set to "Internal" using Excel UI
'    Dim myLabelInfo = xlWb.SensitivityLabel.getlabel()

'    Dim i = 1       ' Put a breakpoint here and look at the values of myLabelInfo
'End Sub

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