I am learning how to create an item template for dotnet new. After some exercises, I cannot resolve a warning (look at line 3):

PS C:\Users\abrakadabra\repos\magic\templates> dotnet new install .\magic.templates.builders.id\
The following template packages will be installed:

Warning: Failed to scan C:\Users\abrakadabra\repos\parent_folder\working\templates\MyProject.Con.
Details: Template package location C:\Users\abrakadabra\repos\parent_folder\working\templates\MyProject.Con is not supported, or doesn't exist.
Success: C:\Users\abrakadabra\repos\magic\templates\magic.templates.builders.id\installed the following templates:
Template Name               Short Name      Language  Tags
--------------------------  --------------  --------  ----------------------
Magic ID Builder            mgctestbuildid  [C#]      Common/Code/Magic

What to do in that case?

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Because I was following the tutorial, I was using some mentioned example folders, like parent_folder and working. After the exercises, I removed these folders. But dotnet new was looking for them when I tried installing the next new templates.

You can use dotnet new uninstall to list all the paths for local templates which can be removed and then fix or remove the paths.

When I remove the mentioned one, the warning disappeared. In my example I executed:

dotnet new uninstall 'C:\Users\abrakadabra\repos\parent_folder\working\templates\MyProject.Con'

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