I am trying to map a array of object inside another object in react. But there is an error Type Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'map').

const data={
comments: [{…}],
desc: "batman"
likes: ['001']
userid: "001"
username: "name"
 "This is what i have tried"

{data?.comments.map((val, id) => {
                return (
                    <div className='comment-section' key={id}>
                        <span style={{ color: 'gray' }}><b>{val.username}</b></span>
                        <span> {val.comment}</span>


Comments is an array of objects containing username, comment fields in each object.

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    Your error means that data.comments is undefined, you should check that data is what you think it is and that it has a comments property. If data starts off as an empty object, then you should be using data.comments?.map(), if both data and comments can be undefined then you can add a ? after data also. Dec 9, 2022 at 3:00
  • "Comments is an array of objects" - The error tells otherwise. Maybe data is being populated asynchronously somewhere and comments isn't available on this render?
    – David
    Dec 9, 2022 at 3:02

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Not totally sure, but in my case I put this

data?.comments && data?.comments?.map((val, id) => { 

This will render the map if data.comments is truthy

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    This could be simplified to be just data?.comments?.map(...) Dec 9, 2022 at 3:07

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