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Get property value from string using reflection in C#

say, classA has properties A,B,C,D,E.. I wanna build a method StringToProperty so that StringToProperty("A") returns A.

I guess it can be done by reflection, but i have no knowledge of it now. Any simple examples?

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var type = classA.GetType();
PropertyInfo property = type.GetProperty("A");
var propertyValue = property.GetValue(anInstance, null);

Are you writing the method in the class that has the properties? If so just do the following:

public object StringToProperty(string prop)
        case "A":
           return a;
        case "B":
           return b;


Or you can just use reflection if not:

Type type = classA.GetType();
return type.GetProperty(propertyString).GetValue(classAInstance, null);
  • +1 for the very simply switch block solution. (Even if the OP was looking for an example of Reflection, I think it's a better solution!) – Kevek Sep 19 '11 at 17:02

If you do a very simple Google search you can find lots written about this!

Here's the first article I found that talks about exactly what you need.

And you could very easily write:

public object StringToProperty(string propertyName)
   Type type = ClassA.GetType();
   PropertyInfo theProperty = type.GetProperty(propertyName);

   object propertyValue = theProperty.GetValue(yourClassAInstance, null);
   return propertyValue;
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