I am trying to add "fetchPriority" to link tag as below.

const optionalPreload =
    ServerOnlyHead  ? (
            fetchPriority="high" // error here !!!
            href={image?.src || ""}
    ) : null;

but it throws following error,

enter image description here

Type '{ fetchPriority: string; rel: string; as: string; href: string; }' is not assignable to type 'DetailedHTMLProps<LinkHTMLAttributes<HTMLLinkElement>, HTMLLinkElement>'.
  Property 'fetchPriority' does not exist on type 'DetailedHTMLProps<LinkHTMLAttributes<HTMLLinkElement>, HTMLLinkElement>'.ts(2322)
'fetchPriority' implicitly has type 'any' because it does not have a type annotation and is referenced directly or indirectly in its own initializer.ts(7022)

i could see that LinkHTMLAttributes do not have "fetchPriority" property.

interface LinkHTMLAttributes<T> extends HTMLAttributes<T> {
        as?: string | undefined;
        crossOrigin?: string | undefined;
        href?: string | undefined;
        hrefLang?: string | undefined;
        integrity?: string | undefined;
        media?: string | undefined;
        imageSrcSet?: string | undefined;
        referrerPolicy?: HTMLAttributeReferrerPolicy | undefined;
        rel?: string | undefined;
        sizes?: string | undefined;
        type?: string | undefined;
        charSet?: string | undefined;

could some one please let me know how to resolve this ?


  • 1
    This thread might be helpful. Check it out. Commented Feb 16, 2023 at 10:09
  • TS only implements when supported by two browser engines. Right now only Chrome/Edge support fetch priority.
    – morganney
    Commented Jun 20, 2023 at 13:48


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