I want to customize addEntityToMenu function. I created a blueprint with entities-client as sub-generator then override POST_WRITING_PRIORITY with my custom functions.

My purpose is creating a custom MenuItem and then add it to entities/Menu.tsx, which uses jhipster-needle-add-entity-to-menu to generate link entity items.

const files = import('myCustom.cjs');
    return {
      async addToMenu() {
        if (this.skipClient) return undefined;
        return (await files).addToMenu.call(this);

the origin addToMenu function will generate a React component like this

my custom function will generate an object like:

{"label":"<a href=\"/movie\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener noreferrer\">\nMovie\n</a>","key":"movie"},

I also custom the Menu.tsx to accept that result.

But this is the result when I run

jhipster jdl app.jdl --blueprints generator-jhipster-my-custom
<MenuItem icon="asterisk" to="/movie">
<Translate contentKey="global.menu.entities.movie" />

Seem like the addEntitiesToMenu is run twice. One from generator-jhipster and one from generator-jhipster-my-custom. But the problem is I overridden it. I debugged and research a lot but don't know why. What's wrong? Thanks!

Additional: all of my code


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