I'm using one of the popular spreadsheet applications (Excel/OpenOffice/LibreOffice Graph) to create some nice charts.

Is it possible to export the charts to SVG format from any of those programs?

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You can use Libreoffice/Openoffice + Inkscape:

  1. Create your chart on Calc
  2. Copy the chart into Draw
  3. Export Draw file to svg (File->Export)
  4. Open the svg on Inskcape
  5. Right click on the chart and select Ungroup

This way you can edit every single object on the graph like an svg.

  • What is Draw? Is it a software? Is it a panel on the program (if so, what program?)? – Seu Madruga Oct 5 at 20:32

According to this thread, there are several ways in Excel:

  1. use svgmaker into MS Excel
  2. try this example (mirror here)
  3. grab data from Excel in XML and apply an XSLT mask (but seems like quite tricky - here is a link given in the thread)

I don't know enough OpenOffice or LibrOffice to help you more.

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