When building an Apple App Site Association file (AASA or apple-app-site-association file), it's very easy to get it wrong. That's why Apple built a "App Search API Validation Tool" (ref1, ref2).

This seemed to be available as recently as June 2022 at https://search.developer.apple.com/appsearch-validation-tool/. However, that site now redirects to a generic page about universal links.

I would like to use Apple's tool to validate my AASA file because when I chose my build in App Store Connect, it shows that there are problems with my AASA file:

enter image description here

DOMAIN STATUS: 1 invalid domain

enter image description here

CACHE STATUS: Cannot Reach AASA File

DEBUG STATUS: Invalid Entitlement: Unknown ID

How do I access Apple's App Search API Validation Tool?

I know there are 3rd party AASA validators:

... however, these are not built by Apple, so may not be as thorough as Apple's tool. Case in point, my AASA file succeeds on both of these sites, even though it fails on App Store Connect.

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    One of the most useful tools is sysdiagnose This lets you see what the device sees when it attempts to load the file.
    – Paulw11
    Commented Dec 20, 2022 at 23:01

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I can’t recall since when or why, but as of April 2024 I have been using the following successfully:




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    what does it mean, if I get "Not Found" response, even though accessing the direct url from my domain shows the json file?
    – RamithDR
    Commented Feb 2 at 3:03
  • It means that Apple’s CDN has not been updated yet. It can take up to 24 hours I believe.
    – joakim
    Commented Feb 3 at 11:24

Here is the troubleshooting steps we went through:

Check the Apple CDN by loading:


If the CDN cache has not updated yet (shows outdated file), then try to invalidate the cache by loading:

https://app-site-association.cdn-apple.com/a/v1/<domain>?timestamp=<current epoch time>

(get the epoch time from here https://www.epochconverter.com) This may take a while to updated (> 8 hours for us)


Coping from apple documentation

  1. On iOS, you can additionally test your universal links with the associated domains diagnostic tests in Developer settings through these steps:

  2. Turn on Developer Mode in Settings. Read Enabling Developer Mode on a device for more help.

  3. In Settings > Developer, scroll to the section labeled Universal Links and turn on Associated Domains Development.

  4. Open Diagnostics and type in your full URL. You will receive feedback on whether this link is valid for an installed app.

If your universal links are invalid, your applinks may be configured incorrectly.


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