My flutter app uses obfuscation for builds and creates symbols. The crash stacktraces are appearing obfuscated in the Firebase Crashlytics console. I know that we can use "flutter symbolize -i command" to deobfuscate a stacktrace, but is there a way to upload this symbols to Firebase Crashlytics console?

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Based on this document, if your Flutter project uses the --split-debug-info flag (and, optionally, the --obfuscate flag), you need to use the Firebase CLI (v.11.9.0+) to upload Android symbols.

From the root directory of your Flutter project, run the following command:

firebase crashlytics:symbols:upload --app=APP_ID PATH/TO/symbols

The PATH/TO/symbols directory is the same directory that you pass to the --split-debug-info flag when building the application.

Also, you can find the app ID in the firebase_options.dart file.


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