This works:

let string = "Items: 79, 98"
let parts = string.Split(":")[1]
let items = parts.Split(", ")

Giving a string array of [|" 79"; "98"|]. However this doesn't work:

let string = "Items: 79, 98"
let items = string.Split(":")[1].Split(", ")

Raising error FS0597: Successive arguments should be separated by spaces or tupled, and arguments involving function or method applications should be parenthesized.

What is causing this?

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The error usually appears when there's something not right with the syntax of the invocation of a function. Note that the [] operator was introduced in F# 6.0, so if you use older version of the language, you will have to use .[]. This syntax works:

let string = "Items: 79, 98"
let items2 = string.Split(":").[1].Split(", ")
printfn "%A" items2

More information on this topic: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/whats-new-in-fsharp-6/#making-f-simpler-to-learn-indexing-with-expridx

EDIT: Having said the above, this issue looks like a parser bug. Your code uses the new syntax already in your first example.

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