In PowerShell I'm reading in a text file. I'm then doing a Foreach-Object over the text file and am only interested in the lines that do NOT contain strings that are in $arrayOfStringsNotInterestedIn.

What is the syntax for this?

   Get-Content $filename | Foreach-Object {$_}
  • You can probably use -notmatch or -notlike in conjunction with each of the strings in your array. – Jason Navarrete Sep 16 '08 at 17:50

If $arrayofStringsNotInterestedIn is an [array] you should use -notcontains:

Get-Content $FileName | foreach-object { `
   if ($arrayofStringsNotInterestedIn -notcontains $_) { $) }

or better (IMO)

Get-Content $FileName | where { $arrayofStringsNotInterestedIn -notcontains $_}

You can use the -notmatch operator to get the lines that don't have the characters you are interested in.

     Get-Content $FileName | foreach-object { 
     if ($_ -notmatch $arrayofStringsNotInterestedIn) { $) }
  • Has anyone even tried this? When I try it the syntax is incorrect and it returns every line in the file. – OwenP Sep 16 '08 at 18:01
  • 3
    -notmatch now. Thanks, works better than -notcontains for string in a string – Brent Jun 5 '13 at 15:58

To exclude the lines that contain any of the strings in $arrayOfStringsNotInterestedIn, you should use:

(Get-Content $FileName) -notmatch [String]::Join('|',$arrayofStringsNotInterestedIn)

The code proposed by Chris only works if $arrayofStringsNotInterestedIn contains the full lines you want to exclude.

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