The role assignments where the user has been removed remain as Identity not found.

The az role assignment list does not return displayName to filter it out that way.


    "canDelegate": null,
    "condition": null,
    "conditionVersion": null,
    "description": "",
    "id": "/subscriptions/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "name": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "principalId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "principalType": "ServicePrincipal",
    "roleDefinitionId": "/subscriptions/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/roleDefinitions/xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "roleDefinitionName": "User Access Administrator",
    "scope": "/subscriptions/xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "type": "Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments"

Do we have any easy way of finding these and removing them using az cli? So that this can be put into a script.

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Do we have any easy way of finding these and removing them using az cli

Using azure cli I couldn't find any way to get Orphaned Roles but I could able to find an alternative that is Uinsg PowerShell as below and I followed Microsoft-Document and SO-Thread:

Get-AzRoleAssignment | Where-object -Property Displayname -eq $null


enter image description here

You could also get Orphaned Role using below commands and I followed

$o = "Unknown"
Get-AzRoleAssignment | Where-object -Property ObjectType -eq $o


enter image description here

Now you can use Remove-AzRoleAssignment to remove these roles MS-Doc.


This is what I used, which appears to work correctly in my use case:

function Remove-Orphan-Role-Assignments {
    $orphans = az role assignment list --query "[?principalName=='']" --all | ConvertFrom-Json 
    $orphanCount = $orphans.Length
    Write-Host "Orphans found: $($orphanCount)"
    if ( $orphanCount -eq 0 ) { 

$reply = Read-Host -Prompt "Delete orphans? [y/n]"
if ( $reply -eq 'y' ) { 
    foreach ($orphan in $orphans)
            Write-Host "roleDefinitionId: $($orphan.roleDefinitionId)"
            az role assignment delete --role $orphan.roleDefinitionId
        Write-Host "$($orphanCount) deleted."

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