Is it possible to set a title in the window popup?

I have this in javascript:

var popup ='......');
popup.document.title = "my title";

but this does not work..still can't see any title

EDIT: the page popup is displaying is .aspx and it HAS a title tag, but still can't see that on the popup window..

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    What exactly is "......"? When you open a window to a URL, then that page will generally set the title with a <title> attribute in the header. Is the URL from your domain? – Pointy Sep 21 '11 at 14:24
  • it's another internal page.. So probably title tag is missing in that page, will check it – Stewie Griffin Sep 21 '11 at 14:26
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Since popup.onload does not seem to work, here is a workaround:

var win ='', 'foo', ''); // open popup

function check() {
    if(win.document) { // if loaded
        win.document.title = "test"; // set title
    } else { // if not loaded yet
        setTimeout(check, 10); // check in another 10ms

check(); // start checking
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    this doesn't work in my case, where i have a url in – Sahil Jain Apr 29 '16 at 9:41
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    This doesn't work for me, where i'm trying to open pdf file in new tab – Venkat Jun 29 '17 at 11:08

I was having problems with the accepted answer until I realized that if you open an existing, slow page that already has a <title> the browser will 1) set your title, then 2) once the document fully loads it will (re)set the popup title with the "normal" value.

So, introducing a reasonable delay (function openPopupWithTitle):

var overridePopupTitle = function(popup, title, delayFinal, delayRepeat) {
    // delay writing the title until after it's fully loaded,
    // because the webpage's actual title may take some time to appear
    if(popup.document) setTimeout(function() { popup.document.title = title; }, delayFinal || 1000);
    else setTimeout(function() { overridePopupTitle(popup, title); }, delayRepeat || 100);
var openPopupWithTitle = function(url, title, settings, delay) {
    var win =, title, settings);
    overridePopupTitle(win, title, delay);
    return win;

None of these answers worked for me. I was trying to open a popup with a PDF inside and kept getting permission denied trying to set the title using the above methods. I finally found another post that pointed me in the correct direction. Below is the code I ended up using.

Source: How to Set the Title in Window Popup When Url Points to a PDF File

    var winLookup;
    var showToolbar = false;

    function openReportWindow(m_title, m_url, m_width, m_height)
        var strURL;
        var intLeft, intTop;

        strURL = m_url;

        // Check if we've got an open window.
        if ((winLookup) && (!winLookup.closed))

        // Set up the window so that it's centered.
        intLeft = (screen.width) ? ((screen.width - m_width) / 2) : 0;
        intTop = (screen.height) ? ((screen.height - m_height) / 2) : 0;

        // Open the window.
        winLookup ='', 'winLookup','scrollbars=no,resizable=yes,toolbar='+(showToolbar?'yes':'no')+',height=' + m_height + ',width=' + m_width + ',top=' + intTop + ',left=' + intLeft);
        checkPopup(m_url, m_title);

        // Set the window opener.
        if ((document.window != null) && (!winLookup.opener))
            winLookup.opener = document.window;

        // Set the focus.
        if (winLookup.focus)            

    function checkPopup(m_url, m_title) {     
        if(winLookup.document) { 
            winLookup.document.write('<html><head><title>' + m_title + '</title></head><body height="100%" width="100%"><embed src="' +m_url + '" type="application/pdf" height="100%" width="100%" /></body></html>');
        } else { 
            // if not loaded yet
            setTimeout(checkPopup(m_url, m_title), 10); // check in another 10ms

Not sure if this will help,

<title>Original Title</title>
function GetInput() {
var userInput;
var stringOutput;
userInput = prompt('What should the title be?', "");
stringOutput = userInput;
document.title = stringOutput;
<button type="button" onclick="GetInput()">Change Title</button>

Try this, it will work.

var timerObj, newWindow;

function openDetailsPopUpWindow(url) {
    newWindow =, '', 'height=500,width=700,menubar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes');
    timerObj = window.setInterval("fun_To_ReTitle('~~newTitle~~ ')", 10);

function fun_To_ReTitle(newTitle){
    if (newWindow.document.readyState == 'complete') {

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