I use Emacs and it sometimes makes backup for edited files. After a few days, I would have a lot of backup files whose name ends with a tilde.

Is there a way to find these files and delete them at once?

I tried this:

find "*" -type f -iname *~

But it doesn't work. I want the command to work recursively – something like ls -alR.


You need to escape from the shell. And you need to specify search path, not *

find . -type f -name '*~'

To delete the files:

find . -type f -name '*~' -exec rm -f '{}' \;
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    If you're confident find . -type f -name '*~' -exec rm '{}' \; will delete the files for you. – DanS Sep 21 '11 at 14:47
  • Ok. How to add to rm '{}' \; -f parameter? – nothing-special-here Sep 21 '11 at 14:51
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    I would personally run find . -type f -name '*~' > "$HOME"/tilde-files.txt (this saves tilde-ending files from the stdout of the command to the file ~/tilde-files.txt) and then double-check you're not deleting anything important by looking through the file manually! Only then should you remove any lines that trouble you, and then run while read line; do sudo rm -rf "$line"; done < ~/tilde-files.txt to remove the files listed in that text file, especially considering this is a recursive delete. – Nick Bull Sep 4 '15 at 9:22

You can do something like that :

find . -type f -name '*~' -delete

If you want to delete also #*# file :

find . -type f -name '*~' -o -name '#*#' -delete

You can print all deleted files with "-print":

find . -type f -name '*~' -delete -print

Another way is by using grep.

lnydex99uhc:javastuff user$ ls
Permutation.java VigenereCipher.java    VigenereCipher.java~

lnydex99uhc:javastuff user $ find . | grep .~$

You can also pass any command you want like this :

lnydex99uhc:javastuff zatef$ rm $(find . | grep .~$)

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