There seems to be no documentation on the codeplex page and for some reason intellisense doesn't show me available methods or anything at all for htmlagilitypack (for example when I type MyHtmlDocument.DocumentNode. - there is no intellisense to tell me what I can do next)

I need to know how to remove ALL < a > tags and their content from the body of the HTML document I cannot just use Node.InnerText on the Body because that still returns content from A tags.

Here is example HTML

        I was born in <a name=BC>Toronto</a> and now I live in barrie

I need to return

I was born in and now I live in barrie

Thanks, I appreciate the help!


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This gets you the result you require. This uses Recursive method to drill down all your html nodes and you can simply remove more nodes by adding a new if statment.

Public Sub Test()
    Dim document = New HtmlDocument() With { _
        Key .OptionOutputAsXml = True _
    document.LoadHtml("<html><body>I was born in <a name=BC>Toronto</a> and now I live in barrie</body></html>")

    For i As var = 0 To document.DocumentNode.ChildNodes.Count - 1

    Console.Out.WriteLine(document.DocumentNode.InnerHtml.Replace("  ", " "))
End Sub

Public Sub RecursiveMethod(child As HtmlNode)
    For x As var = 0 To child.ChildNodes.Count - 1
        Dim node = child.ChildNodes(x)
        If node.Name = "a" Then
            node.RemoveAll() //removes all the child nodes of "a"
            node.Remove()    //removes the actual "a" node
            If node.HasChildNodes Then
            End If
        End If
End Sub
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  • Thank you I will try this method. As of now, I'm just outputting all the html and setting display: none; CSS on the a tags until my boss determines whether we need this 'untagged' content or not. – tsdexter Sep 22 '11 at 17:28

Something along the lines of (sorry my code is C# but I hope it will help nonetheless)

HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();

doc.LoadHtml("some html markup here");

HtmlNodeCollection links = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//a[@name]");

foreach(HtmlNode link in links)

//then one of the many doc.Save(...) overrides to actually get the result of the operation.
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