I have a small Jhipster-generated application. And the application frontend client is React.

The application has a relationship with another entity and on create/update page there's a select dropdown option. Jhipster used <ValidatedForm> <\ValidatedForm> for Form and ValidateField for input fields. I have this following dropdown select and I need the option to make it filterable. If I use React-Select or any other type of field then I cannot seem to make it work with the <ValidateForm>. How can I make this select field searchable/filterable?

Here's the code:

<ValidatedField id="recruitment-jobCircular" name="jobCircular" data-cy="jobCircular" label="Position" type="select" validate={{
    required: { value: true, message: 'This field is required.' },
    <option value="" key="0" />
    { jobCirculars ? jobCirculars.map(otherEntity => (
     <option value={otherEntity.id} key={otherEntity.id}>
  : null}


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