Is it possible to us the pudb python debugger on Windows? If yes, how do you get it installed and working?

When I try and install it using ez_setup, python ez_setup.py .\path\to\pudb-unpacked, it fails with ImportError: No module named termios, a module which appears to be for unix only.

I'm using Windows 7, x64.


It appears the answer is No, pudb can't be used in Windows at present.

The underlying problem is that pudb relies on urwid, which expects a unix-like environment. There is a message in 2006 indicating 3 methods of using urwid on windows, namely: cygwin, cursesw, and pdcurses. So it there is an avenue of exploration for an adventurer.

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I've got pudb running under Cygwin on windows. I installed it with pip

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