enter image description hereI have implemented firebash facebook login in my app, and able to login successfully from my account which is used in developer account but can not login from another account .it gives error . I have added all credential which required in implementation of firebash and facebook sdk related, also enable live mode and and add privacy policy url.

why my account can login but another account not be able to login.is there need to create test user or we can use any account for login . or there is another step required??? it gives this error. "Login unavailable facebook login is unavailable for this app since we are updating addition detail for this app . please try again.."

  • @revision#5 Your transcription of the message is not 100% accurate. Please edit to make it accurate. It's actualyl very important to get accurate transcriptions (or you can just copy-paste it!) because it makes it possible to use search engines' "exact match" search operators.
    – user
    Jan 11 at 6:46


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