Does anyone know of a good place where I can find the complete list of version defines for all the Delphi versions, right up to Delphi 2009?

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A very, very good Delphi version include file is the jedi.inc from the the JEDI Code Library (JCL).

It is always up-to-date and has directives like DELPHI2009 or DELPHI14_UP, ... and it includes a lot of "Feature Directives" like SUPPORTS_INT64 or SUPPORTS_UNICODE_STRING.

Here is the link to the repository.

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    Agreed, that one is very extensive! Apr 15, 2009 at 9:01
  • I think this is the one I would recommend in the future !! Apr 15, 2009 at 15:58
  • This is the original document that I sent to Jedi about this, it provides a rationale why to do this: stack.nl/~marcov/porting.pdf (chapter 2) Jul 9, 2009 at 13:50

Here is a list I found that one could expect to be kept up to date:


  • For the version only, this one is pretty good and to the point. Mar 11, 2012 at 22:55

You could us the GX_CondDefine.inc From the great gexperts plugin:

    {$DEFINE GX_Delphi}

  {$IF CompilerVersion >= 14}
    {$DEFINE GX_VER140_up} // Delphi 6
      {$IF RTLVersion = 14.2}
        {$DEFINE GX_KYLIX2} // Kylix 2
      {$IF RTLVersion = 14.5}
        {$DEFINE GX_KYLIX3} // Kylix 3
    {$IF CompilerVersion >= 15}
      {$DEFINE GX_VER150_up}  // Delphi 7
      {$IF CompilerVersion >= 16}
        {$DEFINE GX_VER160_up}  // Delphi 8
        {$IF CompilerVersion >= 17}
          {$DEFINE GX_VER170_up}  // Delphi 9/2005
          {$IF CompilerVersion >= 18}
            {$DEFINE GX_VER180_up}  // BDS 2006
            {$IFDEF VER185}
              {$DEFINE GX_VER185_up}  // Delphi 2007
            {$IF CompilerVersion >= 19}
              {$DEFINE GX_VER190_up}  // Delphi .NET 2007
              {$IF CompilerVersion >= 20}
                {$DEFINE GX_VER200_up}  // RAD Studio 2009
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