I have a site and in the Chrome inspector, I get this:

Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME type application/octet-stream.

Where do I setup the MIME types in the asp.net framework (not through the IIS console) so that I remove this warning? I'm using a font I downloaded from font squirrel with a .ttf file extension.



Ok, No access to IIS:

The key here is instead of linking to your font file in the html or css, you create a asp.net document that sets its own mime type and then sends the contents of the font file.

A sample page load function of myfont.aspx: (completed with your appropriate data)

Response.ContentType = "YourMimeType/Type"
Response.AddHeader("Header Name", "Header value")

Then link to myfont.aspx

This is a technique that can be used for any different file type too: Intelligently serve up images through myimage.aspx, generate csv files, whatever.

Here are a few sources of varying technicality:




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