I want to perform the following query using Dapper, which currently doesn't return expected results (I think it must be treating the @pName param as literal text within the single quotes?):

var q = "SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Name LIKE '@pName%'";

@pName is the param I assign a value to upon executing the query.

Things work if I just build the SQL like:

var q = "SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Name LIKE '" + name + "%'";

.. but I would prefer to use a param if possible.

I am executing the query using the following code:

o = _cn.Query<User>(q, new { pName = new DbString { Value = name, IsFixedLength = false, Length = 25, IsAnsi = true } }).ToList();

How do I got about this using Dapper?

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    make sure you remember to escape your like clause (see comment on answer) Sep 22 '11 at 23:59
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Name LIKE @pName + '%'

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