I'm trying to use the redis-om package to connect to a Redis server, but I'm getting the following error: "TypeError: url_1.URL is not a constructor" when using the built-in URL class from Node.js. I have tried using the url.parse() function from the url module instead, but the error persists.

Here is my code with an altered password:

import { Client, Entity, Schema, Repository } from "redis-om";

const client = new Client(); async function connect() {   console.log("Will connect to redis");   console.log({ client });   if (!client.isOpen()) {
    try {
      console.log("Attempting to connect to redis");
      const res = await client.open("redis://default:0dOoaiVcvwRsadRdOQVqLDdXmhnRR6HA@redis-15206.c269.eu-west-1-3.ec2.cloud.redislabs.com:15206");
      console.log({ res });
    } catch (err) {
      console.log("Error connecting to redis:");
    }   } }

class Post extends Entity {}

let schema = new Schema(Post, {   media: { type: "string" },   author: { type: "string" },   caption: { type: "string" },   created: { type: "number" }, });

interface Data {   media: string;   author: string;   caption: string; created: number; }

export async function createPost(data: Data) {   await connect();

  const repository = client.fetchRepository(schema);

  const post = repository.createEntity(data as any);

  const id = await repository.save(post);

  return id; }

Here is the error client.open() throws:

TypeError: url_1.URL is not a constructor


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