I have a few download links on a web page that use this js function to make a form post that will return a FileResult from the server:

function downloadFile() {
    var $form = $('<form method="post"/>').attr('action', 'downloadFileUrl').appendTo('body');

    $form.append("<input type='hidden' name='" + paramx + "' value='" + valx + "'/>");


and it works on desktop, on mobile browser apps,

except when you get to the page by clicking from the facebook mobile app (when there's no address bar),

instead of a POST a GET request is done.

anybody faced this problem before, is there a known solution ?

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It looks like facebook in-app browser will do the post and after without waiting for the result will switch/go to the default browser app with the url being what was in the form action attribute,

so knowing that I've added the necessary parameters to the form action

<form action="url?parm1=val1"...

and I've created a page for this url where I read the param1 and repeat the action.

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