Consider a single stream UCM project in ClearCase.
Each developer works in her own snapshot view on the integration stream of the project.

According to the ClearCase documentation when a developer completes an activity, the changes made by the activity become visible to the rest of the developers.

When developer A completes an activity P, are the changes of P immediately visible to developer B and C?
Or do B and C have to refresh their snapshot view in order to actually see the changes?


For a snapshot view (UCM or not), you always have to "cleartool update" your view in order to see the changes committed by your colleagues.

Note: the notion of "completing an activity" might suggest that you are actually using ClearCase with ClearQuest (which will check-in all checked out files associated with an activity, when the related ClearQuest work item is "completed").

This is valid for single-stream UCM projects as well as multi-streams: every time you have several snapshot views on a single stream, you need an update to see your colleagues' commits.

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