Q. How can the generator-jhipster leverage an internal distribution point, e.g., Nexus NPM, &tc. for jhipster blueprints?


We are adopting JHipster for several major application and service initiatives building on the Java and Angular integration and tooling. We will have changes to some of the standard behaviors and will introduce an internal blueprint and a corporate theme (meeting branding standards).

What is not clear in the documentation is distribution of the blueprint and theme. Our blueprints and theme are not, naturally, suited for distribution on the JHipster marketplace.

A .blueprint folder is an option but not ideal for multiple teams and what may be many projects. npm link is not a shared configuration, requiring each team member, across multiple teams, working in different sprints cadences, &tc., to execute. I've given some consideration to git submodules, and while recently improved in Git, has dev workflow friction—and is esoteric enough—that adoption and maintenance might have to high a threshold at scale (and don't get me wrong, I loved—loved—the "vendor branch pattern" seen in SVN, coupled to SVN exports.)

Is there a hook into the generator to point to an internal distribution point?


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    I may have answered my question reviewing other blueprints. 1. The JHipster Marketplace is optional and highlights, not distributes, blueprints 2. Blueprints are NPM packages. 3. As an NPM package, the convention prefix of generator-jhipster-, e.g., generator-jhipster-myblueprint is resolved from the public registry. 4. Given #3, if an organization has an NPM registry, e.g., Nexus, both as a mirror and repository, generator-jhipster --blueprint myblueprint is resolved from the mirror, not the JHipster Marketplace. If correct, I'll promote as an answer.
    – javafueled
    Jan 18 at 18:30

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I think I answered my own question reviewing other blueprints.

  1. The JHipster Marketplace is optional and promotes blueprints for wide use. A blueprint may or may not desire this visibility.
  2. Blueprints are NPM packages
  3. As an NPM package, the "namespace" consists of the prefix generator-jhipster-, e.g., generator-jhipster-myblueprint and is resolved from a registry.
  4. Given #3, if your organization has an NPM registry, e.g., Nexus, Artifactory, other, generator-jhipster --blueprint myblueprint resolves normally.

Feedback is appreciated.

  • I'm going to accept my own answer, but I have to prove it out. It looks like if you include the "custom CLI" it enables a dev workflow that can be very powerful.
    – javafueled
    Jan 24 at 19:10

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