I'm working on a custom solution to get owned page posts and comments for a client, for analytics. Client manages some 25+ pages which are all but one localised versions plus a global page, in English, which is the default to FB users not included in any of the other locales are directed to.

Now, everything (mostly /<page_id>/feed and /<post_id>/comments requests) is working absolutely fine except for the global page.

When trying to access that via the /feed endpoint all I get is sort of a timeout (response time is about 20s) and the "please reduce the amount of data you're asking for" error, regardless of the limit value set on the request or the number of fields requested. Even a limit=1 and no fields gets answered in the same way. This happens both on programmatic calls and in the Graph API explorer.

Any idea why I'm getting this on that particular page, and is there any solution (also: how is this any different from any other page)?


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