i'm using next JS 13 and created a rich-text editor using react-quilljs package. so far i've created a quill text-area and custom toolbar. when i console log the deltas it returns it with Array. but how can i post and display the delta into readable only? i want to store the delta to server and display it to a page with no editor?

const { quill, quillRef } = useQuill({ theme, modules: modules });

  useEffect(() => {
    if (quill == null) return;
    const handler = (delta, oldDelta, source) => {webkitURL
      // if (source !== "user") return;
    quill.on("text-change", handler);

    // return quill.off("text-change", handler);
  }, [quill]);

return (
  <div className="w-full h-[45vh] font-serif font-thin tracking-wide pb-20">
            <div ref={quillRef} />


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