I'd like to use some APIs, foursquare for example, in my Symfony2 project. The problem is that instead of the 2 great FOS bundles concerning Twitter/Facebook, I'm not finding anything on OAuth (I tried the EtcPasswdOAuthBundle but did not manage to make it work because of a missing file I guess).

Moreover, I'd like to make it work with FOSUserBundle.

So, if you could give me some help, I do not understand how to manage OAuth with Symfony ...

Thanks !


Two years later, but for all who might step over this link while searching for a solution:

The new OAuth2 package for client integration in Symfony2 is the HWIOAuthBundle, the KNPLabs is no longer maintained. - the server pendant is the FOSOAuthServerBundle.


Facebook is using OAuth2, I guess you can easily make a Foursquare bundle based on the FacebookBundle.

  • Yeah I know and I tried to, but I'm a little bit confused with all of the process and how Symfony's authentification core is working ... – Saperlipopette Sep 22 '11 at 16:19

Guzzle is a really good client to do http request with objects.

You can add guzzle-oauth2-plugin to handle OAuth easily. There is a tutorial if you need help.

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