I wanted to make video demo of my application in order to present. How can i make my application video when it running and open on android Tablet.


I've tried to come up with ways to do this to no avail. Best I've ever been able to achieve is stick your device in front of a nice camera.

However this http://www.bluestacks.com/ seems like it might be promising for this purpose once it is released. If you can run your apps on a windows machine (and it is much better than the emulator) then you could record that section of your screen with something like Fraps.

Edit: Bluestacks has since opened up for beta. For me it runs similarly to the emulator so does not provide a whole lot of benefit for the purposes of recording your applications. If you don't have a development environment with an emulator set up already though bluestacks will be ready for you to actually start recording quicker.

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