Is there any way to implement below query in golang :

select * from test.demo in mapvalues where shopping_cart = "FL"


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Check out the examples in the sandbox: https://developer.aerospike.com/client/usage/queries/basic/secondary

Here is the sample code for a range query on the canonical ufodata set in the sandbox (you would first have to create the secondary index of course):

// Create new query policy
queryPolicy := aerospike.NewQueryPolicy()
queryPolicy.FilterExpression = aerospike.ExpGeoCompare(

// Create statement
stmt := aerospike.NewStatement("sandbox", "ufodata")

// Create index filter
stmt.SetFilter(aerospike.NewRangeFilter("occurred", 20210101, 20211231))

// Execute the query
recordSet, err := client.Query(queryPolicy, stmt)

// Get the results
for records := range recordSet.Results() {
    if records != nil { 
        // Do something
        fmt.Printf("Record: %v \n", records.Record.Bins)


// Close the connection to the server
  • I tried this, but I'm getting nil data. I think this only executes normal query. select * from test.demo where shopping_cart = "FL" is getting executed I guess. mapvalues part is skipped. Also I have created a secondary index, and original query is giving me result on aql console
    – sid
    Jan 24 at 8:01
  • oh, I didn't realize the further details around mapvalues... I see you have posted a follow up here: discuss.aerospike.com/t/mapvalues-query-using-golang/9991. Let's see what comes up.
    – Meher
    Jan 25 at 23:06

You should be able to use the Aerospike client for Go. https://github.com/aerospike/aerospike-client-go


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