I am simply trying to get the Unixtime of the current day. For that I wanted to get the modulo of the current time divided by the timespan of one day. .

yourUnixTime = k / 86400
modunix = mod yourUnixTime 1
main = do
putStrLn "give me your time"
k <- readLn
putStrLn $ "time: " ++show (modunix yourUnixTime)

This is my current code. So why does my code not work? It says "Variable not in scope: k" I also tried to put a "k" between the "yourUnixTime" and the equal sign, didnt work either (with even more errors I can't understand). So the answer I am hoping for is how I can fix it and/or what other solutions are there.


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You are trying to use the variable k before it has been defined or initialized.

Here is the modified version of the code

main = do
  putStrLn "Enter the current time:"
  k <- readLn
  let (unixTime, modUnix) = k `divMod` 86400
  putStrLn $ "Unix time of the current day: " ++ show modUnix

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