import nookies from 'nookies';

import { firebaseAdmin } from "../firebaseAdmin";

import { TChildren } from "../types/app/app.types";

interface Props {
    children: TChildren;

export default function ProtectedRoute(props: Props): JSX.Element {
    return <>

export const getServerSideProps = async (ctx: GetServerSidePropsContext) => {
    const cookies = nookies.get(ctx);
    const data = await firebaseAdmin.auth().verifyIdToken(cookies.token);
    return {
        props: { message: `Your email is .` },

await firebaseAdmin.auth().verifyIdToken throws error module not found: can't resolve fs, How to fix this error?

I know that we have different types of runtime environments like edge, browser nodeJs, but based of the docs and examples getServerSide Props runs on nodeJs environment which means that I shouldn't get this kind of error...

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Is the 'fs' module available in the environment?

npm i fs-extra 

Then using commonjs:

const fs = require('fs-extra')

OR using latest es6 module system:

import fs from 'fs-extra'

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