In my program there is a main part with a windows options and I need to go to Greetings def.

if __name__ == "__main__":
    web = Tk()

    web.configure(background = "black")




    web.resizable(False, False)

    web.protocol("WM_DELETE_WINDOW", close)


    def Greetings(log):
        def clear_form():
            greetings_entry_name.delete(0, END)
            greetings_entry_password.delete(0, END)
        greetings_frame = Frame(web, background = "black", pady = 10)

But I have another def with another window (login) and I need the 'log' for giving permission to hide login window.

def login():
        log = Tk()
        registration_back_button = Button(login_frame, text = "Go back", bg = "#293133", fg = "white", command = Greetings(log))
        registration_back_button.pack(pady = 15)
        return log

So if i want to compilate i have predictable error

name 'log' is not defined

How can I give log to Greetings or maybe don't do it this way.

  • post the full code or create a minimal reproducible example
    – Alexander
    Jan 25 at 6:05
  • Why not make log a global variable so that all functions can access it?
    – TheLizzard
    2 days ago
  • I was thinking about that, but i think it's not right to do that, I sure there is a normal human solution
    – Fanat_GBC
    2 days ago
  • You return log from your login function. Why not just keep the returned value in a variable and pass that to Greetings when you call it? 2 days ago
  • Please provide enough code so others can better understand or reproduce the problem. 2 days ago

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I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can use nested functions, so your Toplevel window is defined. You cannot use return together with a button. Your code is not reproducible, so I created an example with a login window. I added grab_set() to avoid that the login window can be ignored. Also I used destroy() instead of withdraw(). Password: You shall not pass

import tkinter as tk

window = tk.Tk()

def login():
    log = tk.Toplevel(window)

    def check_pw():
        password = entry1.get()

        if password == 'You shall not pass':
            label1 = tk.Label(window, text='Login successful!')
            label2 = tk.Label(log, text='Wrong password')

    entry1 = tk.Entry(log)

    button2 = tk.Button(log, command=check_pw, text='Login')

button1 = tk.Button(window, command=login, text='Press for login')


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