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  • Title Owner (Upload field) ==== (can be several files)

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I need that model

If file upload fields had to be for a single file, then it would be okay, but how Can I handle that model?

(Should I create ForeignKey models for every file_upload field in order to handle multi file uploads??)

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I would write something like this:

files_titleowner = models.ManyToManyField(FileTitleOwner, related_name="mymodel_filetitleowner", blank=True)

and so on. I usually specify the related_name attribute for each many to many field.

FileTitleOwner could be like this:

class FileTitleOwner(models.Model):
   file = models.FileField(upload_to=user_directory_path,
                        null=True, blank=True,

Also, user_directory_path is a function which returns the pathname for the file to be stored on file system:

def user_directory_path(instance, filename):
   return f"{<construct opportunely a directory name>}/{filename}" 

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