I have a serializer:

class MySerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer):
    class Meta:
        model = models.MyClass
        fields = "__all__"

    def validate(self, data):
        user = self.context.get("request").user
        users = data.get("users")
        users_list = User.objects.filter(organization=user.organization)
        return data

users will print a list of models like this: [<User: User 1>, <User: User 2>]

users_list will display a queryset: Queryset: <QuerySet [<User: User 1>, <User: User 2>, <User: User 3>]>

I want to write a query which checks if list of models e.g.users are present inside a queryset users_list. How to do that?

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You can use sets as Models are hashable if the model has a primary key:

>>> users
[<User: user1>, <User: user2>]

>>> users_list
<QuerySet [<User: user1>]>

>>> set(users).intersection(users_list)
{<User: user1>}

>>> set(users).difference(users_list)
{<User: user2>}

# and so on

As I can see you need to compare every User organization with request.user organization. If you have list of objects, You can do it without QuerySet:

user = self.context.get("request").user
users = data.get("users")
for u in users:
    if u.organization == user.organization:
        # do what you want if that's True or anything
return data

You can get the ids of all the users and convert queryset into the list and then validate the data

users_list = list(User.objects.filter(organization=user.organization)
if {'id': self.context.get("request").user.id} in users_list:
    # do what you want if that's True or anything


  • I have to compare the users_list with users, which is a list of Model class objects Jan 25 at 9:46

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