I am making a web application that returns the Klout Scores details of Twitter followers. The work flow is as follow :

  1. From Twitter API, get twitter_id of the followers . eg: 48,000 ids of Sachin Tendulkar followers.
  2. get twitter info(screen name,twitter_name,location) for twitter_id received from step 1.
  3. from Klout API , get Klout Scores in JSON format and then parsing JSON into Java.
  4. from Klout API ,get Klout Topics in JSON format and then parsing JSON into Java.
  5. Insert Klout and Twitter data into Database.

I am facing problem in parsing JSON into Java. Please suggest solutions. Thanks in advance .


Take a look at the Setting up a Klout application section of the Direct Media Tips and Tricks book. It explains how to use the dmt-klout library to get the information you are looking for.

If you want to rewrite the library, you can look into the source code. The dmt-klout library depends on the json.org classes to parse the JSON response. For instance:

public User(JSONObject json) {
    nick = json.getString("nick");
    id = new UserId(json.getString("kloutId"));
    JSONObject scores = json.getJSONObject("score");
    bucket = scores.getString("bucket");
    score = scores.getDouble("score");
    JSONObject scoreDeltas = json.getJSONObject("scoreDeltas");
    dayChange = scoreDeltas.getDouble("dayChange");
    weekChange = scoreDeltas.getDouble("weekChange");
    monthChange = scoreDeltas.getDouble("monthChange");

In this case json is a JSONObject created using the String that is returned when querying for a user. This User class is also used for the influence query:

public Influence(JSONObject json) {
    parseInfluence(json.getJSONArray("myInfluencers"), myInfluencers);
    parseInfluence(json.getJSONArray("myInfluencees"), myInfluencees);

private void parseInfluence(JSONArray array, List<User> list) {
    int count = array.length();
    for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
        list.add(new User(

Retrieving topics is done in a slightly different way:

public List<Topic> getTopics(UserId id) throws IOException {
    List<Topic> topics = new ArrayList<Topic>();
    JSONArray array = new JSONArray(KloutRequests.sendRequest(String.format(
            KloutRequests.TOPICS_FROM_KLOUT_ID, getUserId(id).getId(), apiKey)));
    int n = array.length();
    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        topics.add(new Topic(array.getJSONObject(i)));
    return topics;

The constructor of the Topic class looks like this:

public Topic(JSONObject json) {
    id = json.getLong("id");
    name = json.getString("name");
    displayName = json.getString("displayName");
    slug = json.getString("slug");
    displayType = json.getString("displayType");
    imageUrl = json.getString("imageUrl");

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